The Invention of Hugo Cabret On-line Activity


Objective: Learn more about key elements in the story and use critical thinking skills to brainstorm.

Let's get familiar with the story before you begin you activity.

Click on the video to hear a booktalk about Hugo Cabret!


Learn more about the mysterious automaton, is it a robot or a puppet?


Visit this Scholastic website to learn more about the illustrations used in the book.

Click here to go to the link


Georges Melies was a french filmaker who made an old, slient move called "A Trip to the Moon". In the book, this famous picture is shown from the movie.

How would you describe this picture?

Why do you think Georges Melies used this picture in his movie?


Describe the Picture

Automatons are part-robot, part-puppet that move on their own. They are special because after they start, no one is controlling their movement. Many automotons from long ago resemble artists.  Here are some picture of automatons.

automaton.jpg     TeaAutomatAndMechanism.jpg       220px-CIMA_mg_8332.jpg

If you could creatre an automoton, what would it look like.  Use the artpad link to draw a picture of your automoton.

Click here to draw a picture


Next, what would your automaton do that is special and would be interesting to anyone watching it move?

Describe your Automaton. What does it do?