Computer Lab Activity - Using Keyboard Shortcuts


What are keyboard shortcuts?

They are keystrokes that command your computer and are quicker way to move through tasks.  You use shortcuts by pressing down on the command.jpg or command button.  Find it on your keyboard, it's next to the spacebar.


How do I find out what the keyboard shortcuts are? 

Use the file menu to find the keystrokes. On the drop down menu, you will find the keystroke for each task.  

Here’s an example:

The Finder finder.jpg  icon on the bottom left of your screen helps you find information on yout computer.

 The Find shortcut is  command.jpg plus the F key.

 Click on the desktop, not on the webpage. Hold down the command.jpg and press F on your keyboard.

The find search box opens. Type winter into the search box in the upper right corner. You will see anything that is named winter. This helps you find information in your computer, if you can't find it.  Now close the search box.

Here are the shortcut symbols. Find them on your keyboard.


Why learn keyboard shortcuts?

Most experienced computer users learn shortcuts as a way to save time. It is also good to know more than one way to control your computer.  Learning keyboard shortcuts will improve your computer skills.

Here are the keyboard shortcuts you should know for right now. 

Undo   command.jpg Z 

Find    command.jpg F

Print    command.jpg P 


Copy    command.jpg C 

Paste   command.jpg V 

Cut      command.jpg X


Quit program    command.jpg Q 

Log out – shift   command.jpg Q 


Let’s do a quick activity to learn these shortcut keys.


Type a word into the box below, highlight the word then press command.jpg C to copy it, click after the word and then press command.jpg V to paste it, press command.jpg Z to undo it the second word.


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