Practice Your Keyboarding Skills



Create a Story


Choose one of these artists



Create a story following these steps. 

Step 1: Look through the picture pallet to develop a theme for your story.  Pick a picture to begin and drag it onto the slide. Start to write your story. Remember to write complete sentences that start with a capital and end with punctuation. Add a space after each sentence.

Step 2: Think about the sequence of events in your story. What comes first, then what happens after that, and how do things change because of what happened before?

Step 3: Use descriptive words to create sentences that show what is happening in your story. 

Step 4: When you are done, publish your Storybird to the library.  Then, read other stories from the class library and post positive comments to your classmates.

Healthy Eating


What do you eat for snacks?  Apples, grapes, carrots? Donuts? A bag of chips?  Pizza?

Task:  Write about healthy school snacks. Think of reasons why healthy snacks are good for your body and why junk food is bad for your health.

 Click this web link to choose healthy snacks.

Using Kidpix,  write a sentence of one snack you are going to replace with a healthy one and draw a picture of each snack.

Instead of ________ , I can eat __________ .


Acrostic Poem

An acrostic poem uses the letters in a word to begin each line of the poem.


Curious, twitching whiskers

A lazy nap in the sun

The soft pad of paws accross the floor

Create an acrostic poem with your name.  Create phrases that describe what you like to do and show us who you are. Use the dictionary dictionary.jpg on your desktop to brainstorm the first letter in your poem.

Click on this link to create an acrostic poem


Earth Science

Let's learn about the Earth's crust. These acitivites will help you learn more about the Composition, processes, and materials of the Earth.



Brain Pop Types of Rocks        Brain Pop Minerals       

Visit the Rock Park to learn about erosion.

Learn about the Rock Cycle and how rocks are formed.

Find out what minerals can be found in your home.

Explore the properties of rocks with this  interactive activity.

 National Park Project


Show what you know about a National Park! 

Webrangers Activites

  •  Click here to find the infomation you will put into your presentation.
  • Use Tux Paint to create a picture on a special feature in your park.
  •  Use these links to find images you will put on your slide. 

Have fun, Junior Ranger!

Sequoia National Park

The Redwoods National Park

Point Reyes National Seashore

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Kings Canyon National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

Yosemite National Park

Death Valley National Park